ChemTray holds the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) “U” and National Board “R” and “NB” certifications, which enable us to perform all types of welding services for our clients’ vessels and towers. With our ASME “U” stamp, we are accredited to design and fabricate Section VIII, Division I pressure vessels. With our National Board “R” stamp, we are authorized to perform repairs and alterations on boiler and pressure vessels in accordance with National Board Inspection Code (NBIC). And with our “NB” stamp, we are authorized to register pressure vessels that we design and fabricate with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors.

ChemTray is prepared to assist you with any pressure-vessel component replacement, repair or alteration. We are experienced in complicated weld repair projects, including exotic welding techniques, which are vital to the success of the project. These include modifications to support rings and bars, vessel shell resections, vessel manways, new nozzle installation and weld overlays, both internal and external.

Let ChemTray assist you on your next piping project. We can provide large or small bore pipe fabrication and installation, removal of existing piping, shop and field capabilities, as well as skilled craftsmen, including rig welders, single-hand welders, fitters, foremen and QA/QC.

Welding applications: SMAW – GTAW – GMAW